As much as I love living in the Pacific Northwest, there are times where I need a break from being here…especially during the winter months. Luckily, my friend Eric signed up to attend a conference at the Westin Resort & Spa in Cancún and asked friends to tag along. Of course, I jumped at the chance to get my vitamin D fix to cure my winter blues.

Cancún is different from my typical trips. In fact, it was the opposite from my Denver trip where I soaked in the opportunity to get in much needed self care.

While Eric was at his conference, which was in the mornings last Thursday and Friday, I was indulging in some me-time. My mornings started off at the spa & fitness center at The Westin. Fitness centers at many of the hotels I’ve stayed at in the past usually consisted of some treadmills, an elliptical, and maybe a couple of weight machines….oh and give or take that these might be broken as well. The Westin did not disappoint me at all. In fact, this had to be the nicest hotel gym I have ever experienced. This gym had something to cater to everyone ranging from boutique spin bikes and treadmills to an assisted squat rack and kettle bells. I love that I was able to get in my usual workout routine without having to think of alternative methods to get similar results.

Probably the nicest hotel gym I've ever been to. 😍

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After working out last Thursday, I had a sports massage booked at the spa. I did not realize it was an 80 minute massage until checking in for my appointment, and it was the best 80 minutes of my life. I was led to the locker room to change into my robe and slippers so I can hang out in the relaxation room, which also had refreshments and a hot top. When my massage therapist was ready, the host led me to a door out in the back of the locker room, which was where the massage rooms were located. Alfredo, my MT, worked my problematic issues and more. I was happy that my body was feeling so relaxed at the start of my vacation and had to hang out in the steam and sauna rooms before treating myself to a shower with multi-jet heads. It was the perfect time to head out to the pool to take a nap until Eric was done for the day.

Treating myself at the spa while Eric is stuck at his conference. 😇

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When Eric was free, we spent a lot of our free time hanging out at Parque de las Palapas, which is an awesome place to hang with locals and enjoy street food. Its best to go later in the day to see the action. Eric and I learned this our first morning in Cancún where we were looking for a good breakfast spot at 9 am. Luckily we were about to grab breakfast at Los Huaraches De Alactraces, which cost us $5 total. Its not hard to get to Parque de las Palapas from the Zona Hotelera. Just hop on the R1 with $10.50 MXN (or $1 USD) and get off along Avenida Tulum, which also is a great spot to dine, shop and walk around. Parque de las Palapas is just a walk west of the Avenida.

Of course, we still made room to dine at few restaurants around Cancún so we can get our fix of street tacos, lobster, steak and fine dining. Our first night’s dinner was at Porfirio’s, which is a high end Mexican Restaurant. We ordered a grilled plate to share that consisted of flank steaks, chorizo, cactus and grilled cheese, which is very generous for two people. Then again, we could have finished that if we didn’t order seared tuna tacos as our appetizer. Eric and I are huge fans of Taqueria Coapeñitos, where we had to go twice during our trip. I mean how can you not resist tacos topped with crushed chicharron? My least favorite dining experience was at Cocos and Grill. I ordered their surf & turf, which was a lobster and a steak of my choice. If you are a steak lover, I would skip ordering steak at Cocos and Grill. There was a bit of a language barrier, where I asked for my steak for medium-rare and the server told me only well or medium. Of course, my steak came out well done. However, their lobster was good and that did redeem a bit of my experience at this restaurant.

Now, it’s not a vacation without hanging out at the beach, which I had plenty of time to do at The Westin and at the end of our tour at Ruinas Mayas de Tulum. I miss swimming in the waters so much already. Near the end of the trip, Eric and I stopped by La Casa del Habano which is a cigar shop that only sells Cubans in the area. We went for an “intermediate” cigar that had a hint of dark chocolate. I have only smoked a cigar one in my life prior to this so I don’t have much to compare BUT I enjoyed puffing one while watching the sunset. It was later in the night when I started feeling dizzy so we went back to our room to watch Spanish dubbed movies. Oh well, at least I have a little bit of practice before I fly out to Cuba next week!


**I am currently trying to find ways to host my pictures since I do not want to exceed WordPress’s storage limit. For more pictures, I will be posting my VSCO and IG hastag link at the end of each post:

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