2017 is the year I will live by my Sagittarian ways by traveling my booty off. My first trip of the year was a quick visit to Denver, where my former dorm-mate (Leslie) recently relocated. We did not do much planning ahead of time, but it turned out to be a very active vacation.

My first stop in Denver was Union Station, which I took the train straight from the airport. Union Station is a chill and hip place to grab a quick bite to eat, a nice cocktail, or a spot to hang around or study. While I was waiting for Leslie to get off of work, I nursed a cup of dirty Bhakti chai while people watched around the area.


Our mornings started off with a workout at OrangeTheory Fitness – DTC, which is approaching its 1 year anniversary. If you haven’t heard of OrangeTheory, it is a studio that offers both cardio and strength training in a 1 hour class. Stations used during class are the treadmill, rowing and free weights/TRX. If you’re interested in reading about my experience, you can click here. The best part was how we treated ourselves after our workouts such as lounging in the hot tub at Leslie’s place and indulging in AYCE sushi at Sushi Katsu.

For my second night in Denver, Leslie treated me to a show at the Detroit Performing Arts Center to see Fun Home. We didn’t know much about it, other than it won a Toni Award, but it was a great show. Before and after our show, we walked around Larimer Square and took advantage of Corridor 44’s Ladie’s Night special: $4 champaign cocktails. I’ll drink to that!

Now it wouldn’t be a trip to Denver without hitting up the slopes! Leslie and I booked a class at Loveland Ski Resort…or rather I booked a class to tag along with Leslie since she booked a 3 class pack. I haven’t gone snowboarding in over 4 years and my last experience ended with me injuring myself where I had to get sledded down the slope. So yeah I wasn’t too excited but I am that type of person that always says YES when a friend invites me to do something with them lol.

Its a good thing I went along because Loveland is a great place for beginners. The slopes are just right and the snow is so soft that it doesn’t hurt when you fall. I did redeem myself from my previous experience with snowboarding since I was able to stop and do a toe-heel turn without instruction. Of course, I still struggle to get off the ski lift gracefully and my heel-toe turn needs a lot of work. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re not used to high elevation, you will get tired pretty quick. I noticed this during my workouts at OrangeTheory and was advised to drink plenty of water and to take a break if you need it. I had to take a nap after our 3 hour class, it didn’t help that I was dealing with a cold that day too.

Leslie and I ended our snow day with a 5 course meal at Mataam Fez. I didn’t take many pics since you eat with your hands at this restaurant but I had to take one of my lamb & artichoke entree. I loved the presentation and it was delicious! During the dinner the server will have you wash your hands at your table before the meal and tea presentation. I was amazed with how the server poured and did tricks with our glasses of tea without spilling a drop. The entertainment doesn’t end there. In the middle of dinner, a belly dancer performs a few numbers for all the patrons which was a nice chance for us to take a break from eating.

Lamb and artichoke

This concludes my trip to Denver. It was great to see my dear friend and to get a taste of her new home. Now I have a week to get over this cold before I head off to Cancun. 😉


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