ClassPass Flex Edition: Barry’s Bootcamp SOMA

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Celebratory blueberry cobbler smoothie!

My favorite perk of having the unlimited ClassPass  plan is their flex membership. Flex membership allows you to visit studios in other cities that offer ClassPass. Food is a huge part of my travel experience, and ClassPass’s flex membership allows me to prevent the dreaded vacation weight gain.

Barry’s Bootcamp has been on the top of my list of ClassPass studios to check out. I have seen many ClassPass members sharing their pics through instagram and from the looks of it, seems like an awesome workout.

So what is Barry’s Bootcamp? Barry’s Bootcamp is a studio that offers 1 hour workouts that switch off between cardio work on the treadmill and strength training. Currently, Seattle does not have Barry’s, but studios that compare to it are Bassline Fitness and Orange Theory (which is not on ClassPass). I was in San Francisco a week before my trip to Brazil to attend a friend’s wedding. The dress I brought was not forgiving AT ALL so I booked two sessions at Barry’s: Abs on a Thursday and Full Body on a Friday at San Francisco’s SOMA location, near AT&T Park.

I arrived early to check in and go over what makes this studio tick. They do assign you a spot, luckily i was starting at the treadmills which I prefer for these type of classes. You aren’t allowed to enter the classroom early, so I went ahead and ordered a smoothie that will be waiting for me after class. I love that Barry’s has a smoothie bar since I have to eat something after a workout. Of course, I didn’t pack any post workout snacks for this trip due to luggage space so this was a lifesaver. I also explored the locker area, which was kept clean with showers and toiletries.

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Pre-workout selfie in the locker room

So onto the class critique. When the instructor gives the ok to enter, you head over to your assigned treadmill or bench. If you’re absolutely new to this kind of workout, you should let you instructor know so they can go over how to use the treadmill and the basic outline of the class.

Once the class begins, the instructor will simultaneously direct both stations on their intervals. While each day focuses on a specific part(s) of your body, you still get a great full body workout. My abs were sore the day after the abs class and I thought I was going to pass out during planks on the second day. As you can tell, ab work is my weakness. I’d rather do jump squats than do ab work if I had the option lol. However, that post workout smoothie did make me feel better after class.

While we have similar studios in Seattle, I think it would be awesome if Barry’s opened up in the Emerald City. Everyone at Barry’s is approachable and makes you feel welcome, and anyone can adjust the intensity of the workout to their fitness levels. When I finally had to wear my dress for the wedding, I knew that booking two session at Barry’s was worth it.

Barry’s is great for all levels and for those that need to get in shape for a special occasion. All you have to do is show up in workout gear and just follow along with the class!

My LBD for a wedding




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